Sunday, October 12, 2014

Skincare picks: La Roche Posay

I don't use these products everyday, because they actually belong to my mom. They're just so good that I end up using them when my skin really needs some help. The foaming face wash, toning water and lotion really help to get my skin back where I want it to be when it gets a little bit out of hand. To be honest, this combination of products have greatly reduced the number of breakouts that I have, as well as lessened the intensity of them. Not only do they help me with any bumpiness or redness, the products have a pleasant smell, and fell great on the skin!

La Roche Posay is a great brand for people with sensitive skin like me, and the prices average around $35 per product. I find that this is great because it is slightly cheaper than something that you might buy at a store like Sephora, yet the quality is still just as great. Even if your budget is really low like mine is, I think that it's definitely worth saving up for a product or two, especially if your skin is sensitive to cheaper drugstore products. Remember that healthy looking skin actually needs to be healthy; if you're going to splurge on something, splurge on the skincare products to keep your base healthy and clear... makeup can come after. 

A widely loved product, the Physiological foaming water is great for daily use... it foams up right away when you pump it into your hand, and works amazingly well. The scent is subtle and slightly more astringent than the products below, which I think is good for a face wash. The product itself is very gentle, but cleanses the skin well. It's not at all harsh or abrasive, and leaves my skin feeling soft... not tight and stiff like some other face washes do. 

The Physiological Soothing Toner is basically water that smells nice and is great for your skin. It doesn't sting or tighten your skin at all when applied—rather feels refreshing and nice. I like to apply this toning water using a cotton pad, after washing my face. The cool feel of the toner on my skin is amazing, and the product itself keeps my skin healthy and with much less breakouts.

The Effaclar Mat daily moisturizer is amazing to say the least. When my skin gets really messed up, I'll use half of a pea sized amount over my whole face after using the face wash and toner. The lotion keeps my face well moisturized, but not sticky or oily, and feels great on my skin. Most people have experienced a sticky, greasy lotion that feels thick and disgusting on the skin, but this moisturizer is anything but that. Honestly, I don't have anything negative to say about this product—for me, it fulfils all my expectations of a good face moisturizer:
          -As with the other products listed, a little goes a long way; it takes a long time to go through a              tube
          -The scent is subtle and very pleasant
          -Although it's meant for oily skin, it works wonders on my normal/combination skin as well
          -It is very moisturizing without being sticky or thick

Overall, I would definitely recommend that you give these products a try. Although they aren't talked about as often as others in the blogging community, the products are truly amazing and work wonders. What are your skin saviour products? I'd love to hear suggestions!

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