Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Advent Calendar of Cards | Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas present-giving can be tricky when the person you're giving them to lives far away. This idea is perfect for friends and family that live farther away, because it can be made as small and light as you need for easy shipping. The various cards and little gifts can be easily personalized, and they're super easy and fun to put together!

I basically made an advent calendar out of 25 different cards, notes and some other things. I put each one into a separate envelope with a number on each one. I also wrote a little note explaining to my friend that she should open one envelope each day, in order. Because I chose thin, light cards and gifts to send, shipping wasn't too hard to manage.

Here's a list of some cool things to try putting in your envelopes:
  • Photos of different memories with this person from the past,
  • Recent photos of yourself or your life to show what you're up to now.
  • Cute little notes with inside jokes or fun memories in them
  • Festive stickers
  • Gift cards
  • Christmas napkin(s) to use that day
  • Thin chocolates
  • Tea bags, or packets of hot chocolate
  • Little pieces of art or stories, etc. that you made
  • Gift tags or stickers to help them wrap their own presents
There are so many creative, fun ideas for this present, so have fun coming up with your own as well!

This gift idea could also easily be done through emails... send a note, message or photo each day in an email, and on the last day (Christmas), send a virtual gift card or some other online gift :)

I love how this present is so simple, and it can still mean a lot to someone just because of how personalized it is, and how much effort you put into it. Reading a quirky little note, or seeing a nice picture every morning can also brighten someone's day a whole lot!

What gifts do you send to your friends and family that live far away? I love getting new ideas to try! 


  1. I really like this blog. You should keep it up because you seem to have great ideas!

    Lots of Love
    JustElla xxx