Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Product Empties

It takes me while to get through products, but there comes a time when they all start to run out. Over the past month, I've had to stop using these five amazing products, and I wrote my thoughts on each one below.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (Medium/Light)
This is the closest thing that I've owned to a foundation so far, and I absolutely loved it! This was my second tube of the product. The consistency is nice and thick, but liquid-y enough that it blends in very easily. It has sheer coverage, but it really evens out the skin tone, and it provides a perfect base for every day use, especially when paired with the FIT me concealer (mentioned below). It's especially great because it's moisturizing for the skin, and the colour also blends in very well, creating a really natural look. The one downside of this product is that the colour range is unfortunately fairly limited, especially for deeper skin tones.

Maybelline FIT me Concealer
The Maybelline FIT me concealer is the first concealer that I've ever owned, and I used it every day that I wore makeup. It covers both spots and dark circles very well, all while keeping a natural looking finish. The doe-foot applicator makes for an easy and smooth application of the product, and it's perfect for whipping on quickly in a rushed morning. There were unfortunately a couple downsides to this product. First of all, it's a bit thick, and therefore harder to blend... and secondly, the packaging makes it super hard to get the last bit of product out. I'm actually scraping the end of the applicator up and down the inside of the package to try and get the last tiny bit out! However these two downsides really aren't big issues, and I'm definitely going to repurchase this product ASAP.

QUO Makeup Sponge (Yes I'm aware that a sponge isn't an "empty"... more like it's past saving)
We've all heard beauty bloggers raving about the beauty blender... it's inevitable. It sounds amazing, but really... who can afford to spend over twenty dollars on a sponge? No matter how legendary the Beautyblender is, $19 for a single sponge is quite out of my comfortable price range, especially since it only lasts a few months. I found this QUO sponge for five dollars at Shoppers Drug mart, and although it's awesome, it's honestly nothing too special. The super squishy sponge does the job well, and helps to smoothly blendBB cream and concealer, but it isn't legendary. I will buy this again soon, because even though I assume that it's not as good as more expensive sponges, it's budget-friendly and very effective!

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser (caffeine, lemon and papaya)
Off of the topic of makeup, this face wash was another every day staple in my morning routine for as long as it lasted. The wash isn't too harsh, and it smells nice and refreshing...the bright smell really helps to wake you up in the morning. The wash doesn't contain oil or salicylic acid, which is also good for me because my skin reacts to that ingredient. I love this face wash because even though it looks a bit gross, it's awesome at doing what it's supposed to do: it cleans your face very well, and gets you set and awake for the day ahead. I would really recommend this face wash to anyone who's looking for a new one to try.

Marc Anthony Dry Shampoo Sample
A hair product that I was really loving was my travel-sized Marc Anthony Dry shampoo that I bought at Target. It really works well at making second-day hair feel and look cleaner and fresher, which is great. The scent is quite strong, but it doesn't stay in the hair for more than about ten seconds... the smell lingers, but fades to a more subtle scent. I'm also not sure if the dry shampoo really added volume to my hair, but personally I don't look for that in a dry shampoo, so it was fine for my personal needs. If you're looking for a dry shampoo that really gets your second or third-day hair feeling fresh, I would definitely try this one.

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