Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Made Biscotti??

As an early Christmas present, I decided to make some chocolate-hazelnut biscotti for my mom. I had never made biscotti before, so this was a brand new experience for me! All I knew was that my mom likes chocolate, she likes hazelnuts, and she likes biscotti... so I found a recipe that combines all three. Entertaining with Beth's biscotti recipe is simple, easy to follow and creates great results.

My mom and dad enjoyed the finished biscotti with hot coffee. Because biscotti is such a hard cookie, it's best dipped in hot coffee or steamed milk :)

While I was making the biscotti, I took the opportunity to take some cool photos of the chopped chocolate and the hazelnuts. I'm really happy with the end results of the photos; I think that they're artistic, and they look so delicious! Have a look:

This was a really short post, but there's more coming really soon! I know that I'm really, really late on Blogmas... I've been sick, and very busy with homework and concerts in the past month. Putting up 24 posts in 25 days proved to be much harder than expected! I'm cramming in as many posts as possible in these last few days though, hopefully I'll have 24 up by Christmas morning! :)

Have you ever made biscotti? Let me know :)

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