Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lush: 3 Reviews

You can probably remember when I bought three different bath products at Lush a little while back... I wrote that post (you can read it here) before I had the chance to try any of the products, so I thought I'd write a little follow-up post about my thoughts on them :)

Butterbear Bath bomb
This bath bomb left my skin smooth and nourished like it said it would, which was awesome. I love the scent; it smells subtly of vanilla, which is lovely because it's a scent that's widely loved but it's not too strong. I also love that it's so simple... it doesn't change the colour of your bath or do anything too crazy. When the bath bomb first finished fizzing, There were little brown chunks of cocoa butter floating around in the bathtub. These eventually melted, leaving little drops of oil that were separated from the water. Although these little drops didn't do anything bad, I just thought that they were a little weird just floating around in the water. Other than that, I absolutely loved this nourishing, adorable product, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a nice, simple bath bomb.

Christmas penguin bubble bath
I can't express how much I love this bubble bar. Not only is it absolutely adorable, it produces the most shiny, fluffy bubbles that I've ever had in a bath. I actually makes so many of them that you get a little mountain of bubbles in the bath! I also love the scent... it's hard to describe it, so I would recommend smelling it in-store if you have a Lush near you. The bath becomes the same scent as the bar itself, but a little more subtle. If you like to have a lot of bubbles in your bath, I would highly recommend this cute penguin!

Northern Lights Bath Bomb
This bath bomb creates an amazing display in your bathtub. I invited my mom and sister in to watch the bomb fizz into a colourful show, and we were all blown away by how pretty it looked... a lot of different colours came fizzing out mimicking the northern lights, complete with little white star sprinkles. (I found out later that these were scented as well!). The scent is very relaxing, and I can honestly say that the hot bath itself was the most relaxing bath that I have ever taken. Something about the colours, the scent and the warmth of the water are very de-stressing, so I'll definitely buy this bath bomb again when I'm feeling extra stressed out!

I can finally understand the hype around Lush products, because all three of these gave me amazing baths that were like none other that I've ever had. I'll definitely be going back soon, because I was honestly so impressed and happy with the products that I got. Even if it means saving up my money, I've decided that these cruelty-free products are absolutely worth it for me. What do you think about Lush?

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