Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Vanilla sugar cookie scrub | Gift Idea

Body scrubs are a great gift to give because they're not only easy to make, but everyone can use them. I made this recipe a few years ago with trial and error, and I've been giving the scrubs as presents every year since. The body scrub itself smells delicious and sweet, and it's nourishing for the skin. I find that it works especially well on feet, elbows and knees, because those are the places that get the driest in the winter.

The basic ratio for the recipe is:
  • 2 parts brown sugar
  • 1 part white sugar
  • 1 part vegetable oil
  • And however much vanilla extract you want for a nice and delicious scent
This body scrub is perfect to make as a last-minute gift, because it only takes about five minutes, and you probably already have all of the ingredients in your pantry!

In a medium-sized bowl, add your brown sugar...

And your white sugar. Mix them really well together so that there are absolutely no clumps! It might take a bit of time, but it will make the consistency of the scrub much nicer on the skin.

Next, add the vegetable oil and vanilla extract to your bowl.

And mix it all together so that it forms a clumpy, moist mixture. It will smell like really sweet vanilla cookies, and it will be a bit darker than the colour of brown sugar.

Spoon your body scrub into jars, and close the lids. You'll probably have a little bit leftover, so you can keep it in a small airtight container, or use it right away. Remember to warn the person that you're giving it to that the oil in the scrub can make the bathtub or shower quite slippery... you don't want them to slip and fall down after using it!

Stay tuned for a post about how I decorated these jars and some other bath and body DIY's, it's coming soon!

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