Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Day in Almonte | My Sister's 13th Birthday

With my sister in Almonte
Note: This post is a bit late, but I was having trouble with uploading the photos :p

Last week, my sister turned thirteen years old—she's officially a (annoying) teenager! My family spent a lot of the day in a town called Almonte that we love... it's about an hour long drive from Ottawa (Ontario), or 2 hours from Kingston (Ontario). It's a nice little place to go for day trips and things, so I decided to take some nice photos while we were there, and I also included some other photos of my sister's birthday in general. Enjoy!

13th birthday presents
The first thing that happens on a birthday morning in my family is opening presents... this is some of the bunch that my sister got! The card on the bottom of the picture is the one that I made for her! (Thinking of doing a little paper craft tutorial for that one) After a quick breakfast, we headed off to Almonte.

Boardwalk in Almonte, Ontario
Boardwalk in Almonte, Ontario
Pretty view in Almonte, Ontario
Gorgeous view in Almonte, Ontario
Gorgeous view in Almonte, Ontario

The first thing that we did when we got to Almonte was go on a really cool little boardwalk (?) type thing. The town is on a riverside, so this short walk was filled with beautiful sights of little waterfalls, rocks, plants and more.

The Barley Mow pub in Almonte, Ontario
After a nice little walk and mini photoshoot (aka. we took really silly photos of each other), everyone was hungry, so we went to the Barley Mow for lunch. This is a family-friendly pub that is on the riverside by the boardwalk, so if you sit on the patio, you get a lovely view!

Crispy chicken wrap at the Barley Mow pub in Almonte, Ontario
Crispy chicken wrap
Chicken at the Barley Mow pub in Almonte, Ontario
Don't remember what this is called, but this is what my sister ate... mmm!
One of the coolest things about Almonte is that it's full of quirky little antique stores and boutiques that you wouldn't find anywhere else. We made a stop at one of my sister's favourite shops, Hello Yelow. This place is gorgeous—it's got a lovely vibe with fairly lights and cute little decorations and stationery everywhere.

Hello Yellow in Almonte, Ontario
Adorable window out front
Hello Yellow in Almonte, Ontario

Hello Yellow in Almonte, Ontario

We also visited a bunch of other little shops including this cute grocery and kitchen store:

Cute kitchen store in Almonte, Ontario

Our final stop in Almonte was a health food bakery called HFT. We bought a dozen delicious doughnuts for $10 and saved most of them for later in the week, as we still had cake to eat later on in the evening! The doughnuts were super yummy though, and apparently they're much, much healthier than most with 50-70% less fat than usual.

Healthy donuts from hft in Almonte, Ontario

When we got back home, we didn't do anything special until a family dinner and some cake.

La Rocca birthday cake
Her cake from La Rocca
Happy birthday to my sister if you read this! And to everyone else: have you ever been to Almonte? Or have you celebrated a birthday recently? I'd love to know!


  1. This place looks lovely, Happy Birthday to your sister, 13 is such an exciting age, and very hormonal, that food has made me very hungry!

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    'Why Have one, When you can have two?//Apparel Candy Review*'

    1. Hahaha, so true about the hormonal part! Thanks so much for the comment :)