Friday, August 07, 2015

My 16th Birthday

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki
I can finally say that I'm 16 years old: I had my birthday last week! My family made the day amazing, so I thought I'd share how it went. Get ready for a "What I Got for my Birthday" post soon, too! (I tried putting it all in one post, but it got wayyy too long because I ramble)

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki
My sister had decorated the living room and dining table the night before my birthday, so I came downstairs to streamers and balloons, and my sister was making pancakes! She had also set the table to look really cute with pink straws, chocolates, and white napkins tied up with gold ribbon.

After opening all of my presents, my parents told me that my last gift was some money that I only had the day to spend. That might sound really exciting to most people (it definitely was for me too!), but I'm not a person to splurge on anything—I tend to save all of my money and never really spend it in fear of wasting all of my money. So I chose a mall to go to, and had a very fun, but stressful time shopping! Here's what I got:

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki

Misc. and Skincare
The largest item that I bought was a baby blue sweater from Nordstrom. It's super soft and comfy, and I loved it so much that I bought it, even though it was way too hot out to be wearing it! The material is very thin and extremely soft, and it actually gives quite a lot of warmth!

I had hear a ton of good stuff about the Origins masks for ages, and I was always interested in trying one... but I never had enough money to afford or justify buying a 30 dollar face mask! Since I had money to spend and had no idea where to start, I headed to the Origins section in Sephora (let me mention that I just looked around the mall, stressed out for almost 2 hours before even buying anything!) I couldn't decide whether to go for the charcoal mask, or the overnight hydrating mask, as I'd hear a lot of great things about both, and I thought that my skin could really benefit from either.  A lovely lady who worked there actually recommended that I try the "Out of Trouble 10 minute mask", as it basically does the job of both!

I bought the Mint Julips lip scrub from LUSH as well, because it was another product that I had heard lots of great things about.

I also bought an Autumn candle from Bath and Body Works, because it smelled amazing! (Stay tuned for the Autumn scentbook 2015 in a couple of months!)

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki
I had had my eye on both of these makeup products for quite some time, but I had never had enough money or drive to go out and buy high end makeup. The Clinique cheek pop in the shade "Ginger pop" is a gorgeous, subtle pink blush, and it looks very natural and bright. The MAC lipstick in "Angel" is a sheer yet build-able, light pink shade.

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki
Finally, I'm a "Beauty Insider" at Sephora, so they gifted me with these two mini, gorgeous Nars Lip crayons in the shades Rikugien (left) and Cruella (right). Both shades are beautiful, and they were an amazing deal for free gifts!

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki
Left to right: NARS Cruella, NARS Rikugien, MAC Angel, Clinique Ginger pop.
I was planning on going to a different mall after this to visit a craft store and finish my shopping. However, I got a call that let me know that my job interview from the previous week was successful, and that I got my first job... perfect timing for my birthday! We (my family) were all so excited about this that we postponed the rest of the shopping to the next day.

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki
My 16th birthday | Akinokiki

For dinner, I chose to go to a restaurant called Industria. My sister and I ordered pasta, and my parents ordered pizza... I tried a little bit of everyone's food, and it was all delicious! The people who worked there were also very nice.

My 16th birthday | Akinokiki

The next morning, I finished my shopping at a different mall. I bought a set of thick highlighters, plus an orange highlighter to use in my planner, as well as glittery bunny stickers (to save for easter; they were only 25 cents!), and a Distress Ink ink pad in "worn lipstick", a pretty, dark pinky rose colour. I also bought a paintbrush to try using for eyeshadow, and two thin-knit sweater-shirts for fall from American Eagle.

My birthday was amazing, and I'm so grateful for everything that my friends and family did for me. I hope this year will bring amazing things!


  1. Great buys - I love everything that you bought!
    Hope you had a great birthday :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  2. Happy birthday, dear. You have lovely things for your special day
    I love your blog. Let me know if you want to follow each other on GFC
    Liza’s Corner l Instagram l Bloglovin

  3. Happy late birthday!! Looks like you had an amazing bday! ;)

    1. Thank you Carmella! It was awesome :)