Thursday, August 13, 2015

What I Got for my 16th Birthday!

I turned 16 almost 2 weeks ago now, and my family and friends gave me a bunch of amazing gifts for my birthday, so I really wanted to share them on my blog. (better a little late than never, right?) If you're new to my blog, you can find a post about the amazing day, and some shopping that I did here

If you've been following my blog and/or instagram account for a little while, you'll probably have noticed that I am a huge stationery-obsessor. My family has definitely picked up on this, as I got a ton of cute stationery bits for my birthday :)

(In this photo: cute patterned paper pad, wash tapes, stickers that go with my planner, another cute paper pad, rummer stamps, bear-shaped clips.)

My parents actually also got me a Fiskars paper trimmer, which I am really excited about! (Perhaps a little too excited; after all, it's a paper trimmer...) As someone who crafts a lot, this gift is not only a really exciting addition to my supplies, it's also super functional for most of the things that I make!

One of my best friends gave me this really cute recipe box. The pattern and pastel colours really match the things that I love to use everyday, and she knows that I love cooking, baking and stationery... put that all together, and she gave me this really thoughtful and cute gift! (If you read this: I'm adding our favourite pizza and cupcake recipes in ASAP!)

Along the lines of the amazing recipe box, my parents also gave me this "Silpat" baking mat. My mom let me know that it's supposed to be amazing for baking cookies and buns, and it's easy to wash so it'll but down on post-baking dish-washing!
My grandpa and aunt in Japan spoilt me and my sister for our birthdays and sent me much more than I could fit in this photo. My grandpa sent a ton of Japanese snacks and treats for my sister and me, and I could not fit them all in one photo, because the packaging took up too much space! He also gave us each a really nice, traditional "ochawan" (don't know an english word for it but it's the beautiful wooden bowl), and some cute handkerchiefs. My Japanese aunt sent us each two adorable sets of sticky notes, and a cute cloth that's used for tying boxes up (the blue cloth with sewing supplies printed on it)

This beautiful Cath Kidston dress was given to me by my aunt, uncle and baby cousin's family. The print is really pretty, and I love the pom-pom lining on the sleeves! :) 

A couple of days after my birthday, another one of my best friends treated me to an amazing birthday lunch (more like delicious chocolate-y goodness...) at a place called Cacao70. We had a great time, and the food was delicious! (Thank you so much if you're reading!)

She also gifted me with some more amazing stationery... A Rhodia notebook, 2 sets of adorable stickers, and 2 rooms of wash tape :)
Quite a few days later, I met up with one of my other great friends who gave me the cool vase pictured above. (Again, thank you so much if you're reading!)

To everyone who gave me these amazing gifts or wished me happy birthday, thank you so much, you made my day very special :) And to my blog readers: regular, non-birthday post resume very soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Amazing post!: )

  2. i hope you had a good day :DDD

    I just love your blog ! Been following for ages now and I always enjoy a good read :D keep it up !!!!

    would love your thoughts on my new video


    1. Thanks so much Jade, that made my day! Your video is really cool, too :)