Monday, December 14, 2015

A Festive Pamper Evening

Goodies for a Festive Pamper Evening | Akinokiki

Now that the colder weather is here (well, not actually... there's no snow where I live yet which is very unusual!), it's a perfect time of year to be cozying up inside and taking time for ourselves. I tend to find myself filling all of my spare time with more things to do, which makes me really tired and stressed, and I know that I'm not alone with this. That's why I think it's important to take time to wind down and relax over the Holidays! 
Christmassy LUSH goods | Akinokiki

The first thing I like to do for a pamper evening is take a long, relaxing bath. I only take one every month or so in the winter to have deep de-stress, because although it works really well, I don't really enjoy wasting all the water involved. I usually like to use a festive LUSH bath bomb around the Holidays, as I find their Holiday goodies to be the best. This time, I decided to use their "Dashing Santa" bath bomb, which smelled like citrus-y rockets candy, and gave off a beautiful read and orange colour. I also recommend their butter bear... it's a cute little bear-shaped bomb that's filled with cocoa butter... it doesn't have any colours or much scent, but it makes your skin super soft and silky. When I don't have a bath bomb to use, I like to simply put some epsom salts in the bath, because it makes the water that much softer and more relaxing.

I also like to use a good face mask when having a pamper evening, because it feels fancy to do and actually really helps the skin. My favourite right now is the Origins Out of Trouble mask. It really helps to balance moisture and oil levels in my skin, and also helps to fight breakouts. It's also quick to use, making it a great mask. However, it's quite pricey at around $30 (I got it for my birthday: post here) for more affordable masks, I would recommend the Face Shop's single use masks. They have quite the variety, cost $2 each, and they actually work well! As a bonus, they're great for sensitive skin.

I don't usually paint my nails because it's quite tedious, but around the holidays, I like to use a red and glittery polish. Every time I use this, I feel a lot more festive!

When I'm de-stressing, I like to cozy up with a good book and some tea and just relax. In terms of books, I really recommend Marissa Meyer's "the Lunar Chronicles" series, starting with "Cinder". Each book is loosely based off a fairy tale, but with an intense and post-apocalyptic twist. The story lines are very creative and unpredictable, and the books are all really thrilling to read. Even my sister, who doesn't read much, and my mom, who doesn't like sci-fi books, love this series!

What do you do to wind down during the Holiday season?


  1. Cute :)
    Maria V.

  2. I love Lush soo much! I have oh so white.. if I remember :) and it smells AMAZING. Merry Christmas! xx