Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Honest First Impressions: Biore Pore Strip Sample

Biore Pore Strip First Impressions | Akinokiki
I've heard about the Biore pore strips on lots of different blogs and Youtube channels for a long time now, and was curious to try one, so when I found a sample in a magazine recently, I thought I'd give it a go. Here are my first impressions!
I carefully followed the directions on the package to make sure that I got the most out of the product, and if you are planning on trying the strips, I would definitely recommend doing this as well.

I often hear that these strips get rid of every last bit of gunk in the pores, leaving smooth and perfect skin behind, which unfortunately isn't the case. The strip definitely pulled out some gunk and baby hairs, which was very satisfying, and while my nose felt smoother afterwards for a few days, I didn't see a visual difference in the skin. I admit that to be able to pull gunk out of your pores is a very satisfying experience, and while it's gross, it's also very satisfying to inspect the strip afterward. However, I have read that these kinds of strips can be very damaging to the pores if used too often, so I would recommend using them  carefully and in moderation. You probably won't see much unless your pores are REALLY gross anyway, so don't worry too much about missing out! 

All in all, these strips are really satisfying to remove and inspect, and they leave the skin smoother (but not necessarily clearer) for a short while. I would use them again if I were to find another free sample in the future, but right not I'm not convinced that they are a product that I would  spend almost ten dollars on. I am, however, not completely opposed to giving them another try sometime in the future.

What is your experience with pore strips? I'd love to hear!

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