Friday, August 12, 2016

Apps I'm Currently Loving

Apps I'm Currently Loving | Akinokiki
I've been using some new apps on my phone recently, and I've really loved using some of them, so I thought I'd share them here as a bit of a suggestion. Enjoy :)

Plant Nanny App | Akinokiki
Plant Nanny: This is a really cute water-intake tracking app. Basically, You grow adorable animated plants, and you can water them each time you drink a glass of water. They die if you don't drink enough each day, but they grow if you do, so you can eventually start collecting plants in a nursery. It's great motivation for drinking enough water every day, and it's definitely made me stay on top of things!

Goodreads: I started using the Goodreads website all the way back in 2009, but I only remembered it recently. It's a place where you can make "shelves" of books you've read and rated, books you want to read, and other personalized collections. You can add friends, follow other reviewers, authors, and get suggestions on what books you might enjoy next. It's a must-have for the avid reader!

Pic Stitch: This is the app I've been using to edit my Instagram photos lately. It lets you easily make collages, add frames around photos, and edit them with filters, effects, and fine tuning. I love that it's an all-in-one for what I do to my photos, and that it's very easy to use.

Dream Days: This is just a simple countdown app with pretty patterns and images in the background. I've used it to count down the days until my birthday, vacations, and other fun things. 

Moves App | Akinokiki
Moves: This app tracks how many steps you take everyday, how far you run, and how far you cycle. It also keeps track of where you went while doing these things. I love the simple interface, and how I can easily track how active I'm being!

What apps have you been loving recently?

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