Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Floral Fashion Edit

The Floral Fashion Edit | Akinokiki
Summer break is in full swing, and I've been in love with summery prints and florals! I showed some floral clothes in a recent clothing haul, and I thought I'd share a sort of look book with even more summer florals thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

The Floral Dress | Akinokiki
I love the pattern on this dress from Old Navy! It's really comfortable and has a nice length, and it can easily be dressed up, so I've worn it for both casual and semi-formal occasions. As a bonus, the dress is super affordable, under $40!

The Floral Romper | Akinokiki
I shared this romper in the clothing haul mentioned above, and I've loved wearing this over a bikini at the pool! The halter style makes it very summery, and I'm in love with the white lace detailing along the hems. (also let's take a moment to laugh at my sister in the background!!)

The Floral Hair | Akinokiki
3. The Floral Hair
I've always loved the look of flower crowns, but they're often overpriced, and I wasn't sure if they would look good, so I could never justify spending a lot of money on one. I found this flower crown at Aldo on clearance for under 2 dollars, and I had to get it! I'm still not sure exactly how to wear it without making my hair look ridiculous, but I love having it.

The Floral Sun Dress | Akinokiki
I'm in love with this sundress from Urban Planet for the summer. It's flowy, girly, and comfortable... a perfect piece for a relaxed summer's day. (Ok, not THAT relaxed... it's still a dress! hahaha)

The Floral Shorts | Akinokiki
These pretty shorts from Simons are very comfortable, and they're easy to dress up or down. I'm in love with the pattern, colours, and the tie in the front, and it's great having shorts that are different from denim or twill.

The Floral Purse | Akinokiki
I got this adorable Cath Kidston cross-body satchel in London when I visited in March, and it's quickly become one of my favourite things that I own. It's got a cute pattern and vintage style, it somehow manages to go with any outfit, and it holds everything I need. I honestly don't think this photo does it justice because the sun was a little too harsh :p

What are your favourite floral pieces this summer?

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