Monday, July 14, 2014

Early Birthday Haul!

My birthday is still a long way away (over two weeks), but I got together with some friends yesterday and went to the mall to shop and have some fun. I thought I'd share the things that I bought, as well as a couple of the presents!

The watercolour notebook and little notecards are a gift from another good friend of mine, and I love them so much! I just think that the macarons are so cute, and as for the Moleskine... wow. I think I'm in  love <3
I got these three lovelies from one of my good friends... I can't wait to try them out because they smell delicious! Mmmm... chocolate :)
(From left to right: Bodyshop Chocomania Shower Gel, Bodyshop Chocomania mini body butter, Bodyshop Chocomania Body lotion)

Brandy Melville opened in my city quite a few months ago, but I haven't gone shopping since almost March (well I did, but I never had more than about $4 hahaha), so I had never gotten anything there before. I bought this skirt and it's literally the softest thing ever! It's in such lovely colour that did NOT show up in the photo. At all. oops ;)

Along with the notebooks and a few other things, my friend also got me this Peppermint foot spray from the Bodyshop. I can't wait to smell it and try it out because it looks amazing.

This one is another purchase that I made, and it's an eyeshadow quartet (err... quad?) from the Bodyshop. I tested the colours in store and they are all so pretty and shimmery. The eyeshadows were also so, so soft. I'm going to use these as soon as I get some good brushes! (Bodyshop shimmer cubes palette 21) As a bonus, I have a Bodyshop membership, so I got $10 off on this beauty because it's my birthday month. What a deal! (Glad I did too, otherwise it would have been way too expensive for me because I'm cool like that.)

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