Monday, August 25, 2014

Five drugstore products that I've never found

I love to read blogs and watch YouTube videos about beauty and makeup, among other things. This inevitably leads to me hearing people raving about certain products, which makes me want to try them myself. Obviously I don't just go out and buy all of those products (really... who has money for that?), but I like to find them in stores so I can add them to my wishlist. What's sad is when the products just aren't available where I are; I can't try samples or see them in store because they don't stock them where I live. Here are five "product finds" that I've never actually found... drugstore edition.

I've seen so many people on the internet absolutely raving about these lip glosses. I've read that they come in great colours that have cute names, and aren't too sticky. I really want to try one (especially the colour Chic)... so it's a shame that they're only available in the UK.

Much like the lip glosses, I've seen people who are absolutely obsessed with Tanya burr's nail polishes. These also come in amazing colours with adorable names.

Yet another lip gloss, these butter glosses took over the beauty community on the internet not too long ago. I've heard so many amazing things about them; like that they're very smooth and creamy, not sticky, very pigmented, etc. These all made me want to try one myself (they're also inexpensive). The sad part is, all the drugstores near me either don't stock NYX, or stock almost all of the NYX products except for these glosses. I've never actually seen them in store.

If you watch any beauty youtubers from the UK, you've probably heard of this drugstore concealer. Almost all of the "Drugstore makeup favourites" type videos I've seen of gurus in England have this concealer included. The look and sound of it make me want to just give it a go, and again, the fact that it's drugstore is a plus. I guess I should stop being so influenced by UK bloggers, I can never find the products. Oh well ;)

Last but not least, these blushes are yet another UK-only product. (as far as I know) I've read so many great things about the blushes themselves—that the colours are gorgeous, that they have a great consistency, etc.), and I also love the way the packaging looks. It looks very sleek, just as the brand name suggests.

If you've tried any of these products, feel free to leave a comment below about how the product is working for you!

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