Thursday, September 25, 2014

My autumn dress

Finding a dress that fits you perfectly and makes you feel confident and happy is a great feeling. Being someone who is tall and skinny with long legs, finding clothes that fit well can be difficult, especially because long legs mean that most skirts are very short on me. (Even this one is!) However I got lucky and found this amazing dress at Aritzia. It's normally around $90, but I got it on sale for forty dollars, which was a huge bonus, because I really fell in love with it when I tried it on.

The pattern and colour scheme of the dress are very autumnal and pretty, yet basic enough that it pairs well with a huge variety of jewellery, jackets, tights, socks and shoes. Because it's still warm enough outside, I've been pairing it with a simple, silver necklace and my army-green jacket. I can just imagine wearing it with black tights, cozy socks and a pair of boots when the cooler weather comes around. 

I also absolutely love that the skirt portion is a circle skirt; it looks amazing when I twirl, which I find is really fun and girly. It's also great that the dress is made of a slightly heavier material, because the skirt doesn't fly up in the wind while I'm outside. The thickness also helps prevent the dress from wrinkling because of everyday activities, and the print won't fade as quickly.

The back of this dress is also beautiful. It's open, but not revealing or difficult to work with. I also love that it's all put together with a bow at the top, which adds even more femininity. 

Do you have a perfect autumn dress? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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