Monday, November 03, 2014

Dr Teal's Bubble Bath

Taking baths is just another joy of the colder months. A couple of days ago, my mom found this lavender scented bubble bath at Target when we were there shopping together. Nobody in my family takes baths that often—we like to try and save water and money—but we do love to indulge and relax once in a while. With this in mind, we decided to buy the product and give it a try... the bubble bath sounded fun, relaxing, and it was only $5.

The bubbles started forming as soon as I added the liquid to the tub under the running water. The bathtub filled with big, fluffy bubbles that smelled amazing... the lavender scent was relaxing, and not at all overpowering or strong. Once I had been in the bath for quite a while, I realized that not only was the bubble bath relaxing, but it was making my skin super soft as well.

My first essential was to hang a hand towel in the bathtub. This way I could rinse and dry my hands off whenever I wanted to grab something or read the book that I had on hand. I find this to be such a small thing to do, but it's really effective for keeping everything bubble-free.

Baths are great for just relaxing and getting your mind off of everything, but they can get a bit boring after a while. A fun thing to do while relaxing in the tub is to read a book. As long as you don't drop it in the bath or get it soaked, it's a simple thing to keep you entertained and relaxed. I've also done some other things like study for tests with flashcards in the bath. I like to keep a towel laid out over the side of the tub so that I can keep my book there without it getting wet.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes bubble baths. I can definitely see how it would help you sleep, because the bath was honestly so relaxing for me. I also loved the smell, and the fact that the bubbles left my skin feeling soft and clean. What bath products do you like to use?

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