Wednesday, December 24, 2014

3 Personalized Ways to Give Gift Cards

Giving someone a gift card to their favourite store is always a great present, but I usually find that it feels a little unpersonalized if it's just given in a little white envelope. This year, I came up with three quick and easy ways to personalize a gift card for someone you love. You probably already have a lot of the materials at home, so this is a great 10-minute project to do on Christmas eve (last minute).

Paper Roll Package
For the first idea that I'll be showing, all you need is an empty wrapping paper tube or a toilet paper roll, and things to decorate it with... it's that simple!

If you're using the wrapping paper tube, you'll want to trim it down so that it's the height of the gift card with an added 8 centimetres or so. Then, flatten the tube out with your hand. You'll want to push in the edges so that they make a shape like pictured below. Slide the gift card into one end of the package before you close it up completely. Put the folded ends so that they're overlapping, and you won't even need tape to hold the box shut!

I just decorated my gift package with a strip of coloured paper and some twine. You could also use various ribbons, patterned papers and gift tags!

Little Lace Envelope
A more personalized twist on the classic white envelope, this lace envelope is very easy to make; it only takes a couple of minutes. All you need is a paper doily and some clear tape!

Place the gift card in the centre of the doily, and fold two of the sides over it. Tape this in place.

Then, seal up one of the ends as if you're wrapping a gift. This will be the bottom of the envelope. Finally, Fold the top of the envelope down. You can tape this in place if you want, But I just left it like that. You could easily decorate the front of this envelope with bows, gift tags or ribbons.

Sewn Felt iPod
This idea is specifically for iTunes gift cards, but you could just as easily sew a coffee cup for a Starbucks gift card, or a book for a gift card to a bookstore. It's the most customizable idea out of the three, and it's probably my favourite.

You'll need:

  • Felt in grey, white and black
  • A highlighter
  • A sewing needle
  • White thread
  • Sewing pins if you want
  • Fabric glue
  • And of course a gift card!

Fold the grey felt in half, and trace the gift card's shape onto it with a highlighter. Cut this shape out, but with about a centimetre extra on each side, for seam allowance.

Now, thread your needle with white thread, and knot one end. Leaving the knot on the outside of the fabric, so a simple running stitch (up and down stitch) around three of the four sides. Then, tie the thread off and trim the end.

Flip the pouch inside out, carefully as not to break the stitches. The stitches shouldn't be showing anymore. Check to make sure that the gift card fits inside!

Finally, I cut out a white circle with a circular hole in the middle, and a black rectangle. Glue these in place with some fabric glue. Slide the gift card back inside, and voila! A personalized, super cute gift card holder.

How do you like to give gift cards? let me know in the comments below :)

Side note: I know for sure that I won't have 24 posts up by Christmas. I was unexpectedly very busy this month, and when I wasn't, I was sick in bed with a fever. With 7 more posts to go and only 7 more hours, it'll just be impossible. I will have a few more posts scheduled for tonight and tomorrow, but I sadly won't have 24. Sorry about that!

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