Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Bath and Body Gift Set | Gift idea

As you probably know, I've been making loads of handmade bath and body products to give as gifts this Christmas. I actually made little gift sets with these products, and I thought I'd share how i packaged and wrapped each product, as inspiration for your gift wrapping. (Because lets be honest, we all probably have some gifts that we still need to wrap!)

What's in the set:

To wrap the bath bombs and soaps, I got some simple plastic bags from the dollar store, and cut off the top zip-up part of each bag. I then put either a soap or a bath bomb in the bottom of each bag, scrunched together the bag and tied it off with a ribbon. I tied yellow ribbon around the bath bombs, and red ribbon around the soaps. because both products were made using the same mold, the little bags look really nice put together in a set.

I stuck a little handmade chocolate lip balm in behind the bags of bath bombs and soaps. I tucked it under the top of the bag, and I think that there couldn't have been a better place to slip it in!

For the two lotions that I made, I took a thick ribbon that I bought at Michaels for one dollar, and attached it to the containers like a band using tape. Then, I wrote the names of the lotions on pieces of washi tape, and stuck the washi tape onto the Ribbon bands.

Voila! Labeled lotion containers :)

For the Bath salt jars, I took some ribbon that I got from Michaels for one dollar, and simply tied it around the lid of each jar.

The body scrubs weren't fitting into the box with the other products very well, so I decided to give them separately. I didn't even wrap them, I just tied different coloured ribbons around the lid of each jar.

Once I placed all of the products in the boxes, I carefully wrapped each set in brown kraft paper. I then tied each gift up with red ribbon, and stamped my friends' names onto the paper using an alphabet stamp set. Other ideas would include making little gift tags out of paper or clay, or even making little ornaments to label the gifts.

I hope that you enjoyed reading some ideas on packaging and wrapping DIY bath and body products! What are you giving to your friends this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below :)

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