Thursday, December 25, 2014

DIY Sewn Catnip Toys for Kitties

With the holidays keeping people busy with gifts, people often forget that their pets would very much appreciate some presents as well! Even if it's not given on Christmas (they'll love it just as much any other day!), I love making my cats some catnip pillow toys during the holidays. All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine (you could also do it by hand), and some catnip leaves... You can buy these at any pet store. It's really easy, and your kitties are sure to love them!

To anyone who doesn't know what catnip is: catnip is used in many cat toys, and basically once it's in the toy, you won't be able to smell it, but your cat will. It makes cats go absolutely hyper, and it's really funny to watch :) Because they go so crazy while playing with these toys, it's important to make them as sturdy as possible.

First, I took two pieces of my fabric, and put them one on top of another. I folded this little pile in half so that I had four pieces of fabric in a pile. I then cut out a rectangle along the folded edge that was about a half of a centimetre bigger than I wanted around each side. Using the folded edge as a seam, I used a sewing machine to do a strong and sturdy stitch around two of the other three sides, and then turned it around and did a second sturdy stitch over the same two sides again. This just adds strength to the toy, which is useful because cats will tear it apart very quickly.

Once I was done sewing around those two sides, I trimmed the end of the thread and flipped the fabric right side out with the help of a chopstick.

Then, using catnip leaves, stuff the fabric bag as much as you can... If you leave too much empty, it will be easier for cats to rip through.
*I just realized that this photo might look a bit sketchy, but I promise that it's just catnip! (Lol!)* 

Once the toys are stuffed, sew the last end up twice with either a sewing machine or by hand. And that's it! All three of my cats go crazy over these toys, and I make them every year. The best part is that I've been using the same package of catnip leaves for three years now, and it's really easy to make the toys! Just be sure not to put them under the tree or keep them anywhere where the cats can get to... Until you give the toys to them, you should keep them far out of reach.

Do you give presents to your pets?


  1. This is such a great idea! Might try and make it for my cat :) Lovely post.

    Abbey xo |

    1. Thanks Abbey! I'm sure your cat will love the toys if you make them :)