Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Sparkle | Happy New Year!

Happy New Years Eve! New years eve seems like a great time to wear sparkles and glitter, even if you're not going anywhere. Personally, new years eve has always been a day when I stay home all day with my family. We cook all day to prepare a big Japanese feast, and then we watch a Japanese signing show at night. I've never gone to a new years party, but I felt like wearing sparkles this year anyway!

Using the L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow quad in 106, I put the number one shade (top right) all over my eyelid. It's a neutral, shimmery shade that's slightly pink. I used the number three shade in the crease. This brown, shimmery shade is only slightly darker than the first shade, but it's beautiful. The last thing that I used from this quad was the number 2 shade. I used this to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, as well as just under my eyebrows.

I used the Make Colour Paint glittery pink eyeshadow to add some extra sparkle to my eyes. I just put it all over my eyelid aside from the creases, on top of the previous eyeshadows.

To redefine the creases of my eyes, I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in Bad to the bronze. This cream shadow is sparkly and really easy to use.

I finished the eye look off with L'Oreal's Double Extend Eye Illuminator mascara. It has one normal black side, as well as a shimmery copper side. The copper is subtle on the eyelashes, but I put on some extra to add sparkle.

For a finishing touch, I used a light pink blush that a family friend sent from Japan. I put this on the apples of my cheeks to add to the bright, shimmery look.

It didn't show up way too well in the photos, but the shimmer and glitter is obvious! I love how sparkly this look turned out, I think that it's perfect for New Years Eve!

I also lit a little red candle to celebrate :)

Finally, I painted my nails with the Face it Gel Touch Nails in a pretty, sparkly pink colour.

I hope you all had an amazing year and an amazing New Years Eve... let's make 2015 a great one!


  1. That nail polish is gorgeous! Shimmery pale pinks are my favorite colors for nail polish. Happy NYE :)

    -Elizadeath Taylor| Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks for your comment! I love the nail polish too, it's gorgeous :) Hope you had an amazing new Years Eve!

      xo. Akino

  2. I love that nail polish and the eyeshadows were really pretty too. Have a great new year : )

    1. Thanks Alice, happy new year to you too!