Monday, December 29, 2014

What I found under the Christmas tree 2014

Hello everyone, hope you had an amazing Christmas if you celebrated it! I definitely did, and although I was sick and had to take a three hour nap, I had an awesome time. I kept changing my mind on whether or not I was going to write this post, as I've always seen them to be showing off a little bit. My love for reading them finally took over, and I decided that I'd just write one anyway :) This is going to be a very long post... not necessarily because I got a lot of presents, but because my first gift gave me amazing lighting that made me want to take a lot of artistic shots; this post has about 20 photos!!! (and I also blab on a lot, so that doesn't help either!)

The first and main present that I got (from Santa) is this lovely lamp from Ikea. (Yes, Santa shops at Ikea too!) You're probably wondering what kind of a teenager would get excited about receiving a lamp for Christmas, and my answer is either a blogger, or me. (wait... I'm both a blogger and me!) I also got a special LED "daylight" lightbulb to go with it... the light it gives off is cool rather than warm, which is not only great lighting for working, but it looks amazing in photos. I absolutely love how the lamp has a modern look mixed in with a slightly retro feel. It looks nice on my desk, and it's my new lighting setup for my blog photos!

Every year, my stocking gets filled by mr. Claus... I usually get a lot of chocolate, and some other little bits. This year, I got an iTunes gift card, some chocolates and a candle. The candle is the Bridgewater Candle Company's Tree Trek votive candle... it smells faintly like Christmas trees, and I absolutely love it!

I also got this little strawberry lipgloss in my stocking, and I'm obsessed with the hedgehog packaging! It's tiny and adorable, and it's definitely going to be staying on my dresser for as long as possible just so I can look at it and smile every day :)

Also in my stocking was this pretty, patterned Scotch brand tape.

... aaaaaand Santa knows me way too well!

I got a blue, Poppin brand pen in a little bundle of gifts. The pen writes really smoothly, and the colour is a nice, formal blue.
I also received a notebook called "100 Reasons to Panic About Being a Cat Lady". Considering that my family has three cats, I guess this applies to me! The notebook is really cute, and a lot of the pages have funny little reasons written at the bottom, like "your cat will never shut up".

I also got two other notebooks... one of them has a beautiful golden flower pattern on it, and one of them has music notes printed on the cover. I'm someone who loves stationery and journaling (as long as I can keep it up!), and writing random little lists is basically a habit. Because of this, I'm so thankful for these pretty notebooks :)

I got a green pencil case with three owls printed on the front. As I stated above, I love stationery, so this is a perfect case for storing my pens and pencils. I also love woodland creatures, so this pencil case just nails it for me!

Among some other things, I received some beauty bits. The nail polish is Sally Hanson's "390 Red Carpet". I just think that this colour is so festive, and I love this glittery sparkle to it. To the right of the nail polish is a hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. It's scented with "Mistletoe Kiss", which smells fresh and clean.
I also got a l'Oreal True Match concealer. The colour is actually great for under my eyes because it's a tad light, and the consistency is creamy and easy to blend.

I got these two beaded bracelets, which I love. Being someone who fidgets a lot, I've never been a jewellery person... at all. I play with bracelets and rings so much that I always lose them right away, and I've just never found jewellery comfortable, aside from small necklaces. These, however, actually fit my wrists (somewhat), and they're really comfortable! I especially love that they seem to be one of those fair trade-type bracelets, although I can't be sure.

I got this beautiful necklace from my aunt and uncle in the UK. I like the simple design, and I'll definitely be wearing it soon.

Perfume is something that's entirely new to me. They've always given me bad headaches, and I've only found a couple that haven't smelled like generic chemicals to me. This Tuscan Blood Orange perfume from Pacifica is completely different... it actually smells nice, and I love that it's 100% vegan and cruelty free. Animal cruelty is something that I'm against (I try my best to avoid it within my budget), and finding products that I love that don't support it is always exciting for me.

I received a hat from roots that I've wanted for a long time. It's cozy and warm, and it actually fits my head, not to mention that it looks pretty with almost anything.

I also received this gorgeous circle scarf from the UK, once again. It's from a brand called "Fatface", and it's unbelievably soft. I also love the colour and pattern of it.

Again from the brand Fatface are the socks on the left. The Christmas pattern is adorable, and the socks are thick, squishy and warm. I also received two (well, 4... each set comes with 2 pairs.) of socks from Roots. Roots makes amazing and cozy socks, so I love getting socks from them.

Honestly, my first reaction of this cushion was that it was kind of weird and creepy; but I've come to adore it. I've put it on my bed every morning since Christmas, and combined with the lamp, I think that they make my room a little more stylish and modern-looking.

I got a pair of super cozy slipper-sock things from roots, which are perfect for me since I'm always cold. I'll have some actual photos of them in a post fairly soon!

I also received some gift cards. I got cards to iTunes, Sephora, Chapters, and Lush. I was really surprised at the Lush card because I didn't even know that they did gift cards! I'm really thankful though, because Lush is quickly becoming one of my favourite stores.

I was also overjoyed at the Sephora gift card. It's not going to buy me a palette or anything, but it means so much to me that I can buy stuff there... being someone who doesn't earn money, high-end products are always out of reach. I think that this gift was really thoughtful, and I appreciate that my parents support my un-useful love for makeup and other products :)

I also thought that the packaging that it came in was so cool, with the gift card on the left, and a double mirror on the right.

I'm honestly so grateful for all of my presents this year, and I love every single one of them. I realized that a lot of people know me really well, and it really showed through all of the gifts that I received this year.

What did you get for Christmas this year? (Yes, I find that stuff interesting... hahaha)


  1. It seems like you had an amazing time during Christmas! I got myself a lot of beauty related stuff, a new laptop and lots of chocolate.

    Laura | Blonde and Cupcakes

    1. I did have an amazing time :) Sounds like you did too, thanks for stopping by!

      xo. Akino

  2. The clock is all too relevant to me. Haha. I love it. I like the mix of practical gifts! I think it's much better than something super expensive & pointless. Have a fantastic rest of 2014. :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Thanks so much Carmen! The clock describes my life way too well, it's pretty bad... hope you had an amazing holiday as well :)

      xo. Akino