Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Spring Clothing Haul 2015

Even though Canada isn't showing many signs of spring (it's 1ºc out and there's still snow everywhere), I'm really excited for the warmer weather! I've been shopping for spring clothes during the past month, because I grew out of a lot of clothes from previous years. I actually forgot to mention a couple of items, but I'll be mentioning them in posts when the spring weather finally comes around :) The end of this post has some little previews of what the clothes look like when I'm wearing them, but there will be a nicer outfit post coming up when spring arrives. Stay tuned!

I love these basic t-shirts from H&M because they're really soft and comfy, have higher necklines (which I find is more flattering on me), and they only cost $7! They also fit me really well which rarely happens with t-shirts. They're great because they can be paired with almost any sweaters, pants or skirts and look great!

These pastel pink shorts are also from H&M, and they cost around $14. They fit me really well, and they're stretchy, so they're easy to move around in. I think that subtly coloured shorts are a great way to bring colour into spring outfits!

I got some clothes for dance from Forever21: a sports bra and shorts. I love the fabric... it's super comfy and stretchy, and the bottom of each leg has some elastic around it so that the legs don't ride up much while doing exercise. (the elastic isn't tight though!) I also like how they're a tiny bit longer than normal yoga/dance shorts... even if they do ride up a bit, they aren't revealing or awkwardly short.

I got these sunglasses from Urban Outfitters for $20. I love the look of them and they actually fit my face without looking hideous! They also do protect my eyes from the bright sun :)

I got this necklace at Brandy Melville for about $6. I love simple and small, cheap necklaces because they make you look more put together, and it isn't too big of a deal if it gets lost somewhere.

Sneak preview of what some of the clothes look like on me!

This is something that I wear to dance a lot (I take contemporary classes once a week for fun). I always have my hair up for class though!

A simple necklace can make an outfit look put together, and make it like you spent more time on getting ready than you did!

I'm really happy with all of my spring clothes to date—I've been really careful choosing what to buy so that I know that I can wear everything a lot, and I know that I like all of the items!

Have you been shopping recently?


  1. I love you're fashion picks! The necklace is so pretty x

  2. Thanks so much, Alice! I love the necklace too :)

  3. i need to go spring shopping so bad, looks like you got some cute things!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Hahaha, spring shopping is the best! Thanks for stopping by, Danielle :)

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