Saturday, June 27, 2015

Amazing Food in Québec | Quebec City Part 3

This is part 3 in my Quebec city trilogy. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. :)

When you're on any trip, it's important to find delicious food so that you can eat yummy stuff every day, and so that you can try the best of what the area has to offer. Here's a compilation of the best places that my family ate our meals at in Quebec city. Enjoy!

Note: every restaurant or bakery that we visited had amazing staff, and I noticed that they were all decorated really nicely... they all had their own unique atmospheres and decor :)

From both of the times that my family has visited this area, our favourite place to go for breakfast, lunch or snacks has been a chain bakery/cafe called Paillard. I think of it as the Ikea of baked goods; it's really big with nice lighting, and they serve a lot of basically everything at an affordable price while still keeping it really delicious! They sell everything from bakery goods to deli sandwiches to gelato, and everything that we've tried there has been amazing! All of the workers there wear chef uniforms, and they even had an accordion player busking inside—the atmosphere is lovely.

Paillard sells tons of european-style baked goods. (macarons are pictured above)

For a light lunch on one of the days that we were in Quebec, I decided to eat a "petit pain fromignon" (cheese bun) with some mango juice. My mom was having some delicious peach tea that I tried, as well. (This place carries an awesome range of drinks!)

Some of Paillard's fresh products in the bakery section.
The restaurant that we ate at for our first night in Quebec city was an amazing Italian restaurant called Piazetta. It was a tiny bit fancier than anywhere else we went (there were still families there, though... it's very friendly), so there was nice mood lighting with candles. The food was incredible, and the people that work there were really nice. The building itself is really cute and gives off a European vibe, especially when the windows are open. (they open kind of life accordions, it's really pretty!)

We headed out for breakfast quite early on our second day in Quebec, so a lot of places weren't open yet. We found this bakery close by (Panetier Baluchon), and it served amazing food! It looked like a little European bakery that you would see in the movies, and all of the bread and pastries inside looked, smelled and tasted delicious. The girl who worked there was also super nice, and she even let me take some photos :)

The smell of fresh baked bread in the morning is amazing!
Delicious looking pasties... mmm

Casse-crepe Breton was a favourite of my family's when we visited Quebec city a couple of years back, so we had to visit it again when we came back. We love going there for sweet crepes as a treat in the morning. It's especially cool that you can see the ladies making crepes, as the kitchen area is in the centre of the restaurant surrounded by tables and chairs. (The two areas are separated by tables and glass)

Every single crepe that I've tried at this place has impressed me with how yummy it is, and the servers are always very friendly. The food itself is also extremely affordable:  the sweet crepes start at around $5, and the savory ones start at around $8.

Sweet crepe with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

For our last day in Quebec, we tried Au Bonnet d'Ane 's breakfast, because my parents read that it was great online. They were right; the brunch was amazing and traditional diner-type style, and our server was hilarious and extremely friendly.

My mom got a café au lait, and it was so cute that I had to take a picture

My brunch! A vegetable omelet with toast and potato wedges.

One last restaurant that we ate dinner was yet another crêperie, Le Billig. The decor was very unique and interesting to look at, and the savory crepes were delicious. The server was really friendly, and as a bonus, this restaurant had menus in both french and English! (for anyone who can't speak or read french)

Cool lights on the outside of the restaurant


  1. i've never been, it looks beautiful

    1. The old town's gorgeous— I definitely recommend checking it out if you're ever in that area!

  2. omg the food looks amazing! I love macarons :)
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