Sunday, July 05, 2015

1. This Week's Eats

Now that it's summer break, I have a lot more time on my hands to enjoy my hobbies. I absolutely love cooking and baking, but I never have time during the school year! I actually usually can't cook or bake in the summer, either, because we don't have air conditioning, so our house is uncomfortably hot. Because of this, the stove and oven are pretty much off-limits because they generate heat. However, this past week was pretty cool, so I ended up cooking three times, baking once, and even ate out once! I decided to document these yummy foods, and put them into a post. Enjoy!

On Monday, we had eggs in the fridge that needed to be used, so I researched a lot of recipes, and decided to bake a gateau au chocolat with this recipe. It turned out incredible: the cake itself was rich but not overly sweet, and it was moist and chocolaty. The powdered sugar and raspberries that I used to decorate with complimented the cake perfectly, and it was all around delicious. If you have some extra time on your hands, I'd definitely try this cake out!

At the beginning of the week, I watched Niomi Smart's third "what I eat in a day" video on Youtube, and got inspired to make her vegetable stew. I made it on Tuesday, and it was absolutely delicious and colourful... I'll definitely be making it again! I also made her sweet potato fries because I really wanted to try them out, and the meal was incredible! My entire family loved it, even though 2/4 of my family members don't like zucchini and weren't sure about trying vegan food. It's super quick and simple to make, and I can't recommend these recipes enough!

The only things I would change are:
  • I simmered the stew for much longer than she recommended, because I prefer softer vegetables
  • I'll definitely try adding sweet corn next time... I thought of it while eating, and I think it would be amazing!
Niomi Smart's (really colourful and delicious!) vegetable stew
Niomi Smart's (addicting) sweet potato fries... yum!
On Friday, some family friends were in town, so we had lunch together at Milestones. I had the garden burger with fries, and it was delicious!

Saturday, my sister was a bit sick. I made dinner for my family, and my mom wanted to incorporate turmeric in the meal to help with my sister's cold. She chose the "Scentilentil Journey" recipe from the Looneyspoons cookbook by Janet and Greta Podleski (page 91), and it was amazing! The cookbook describes the recipe as "curried lentils and quinoa with spinach and Indian spices", and that basically sums the meal up. It's a vegetarian curry that's packed with vegetables, legumes and spices. It was delicious, and actually very filling! 
Next time I make this, I won't even bother with the sour cream/curry powder topping, because my family found that it made the curry much more mild, which we didn't need. However, it's perfect for younger kids or people who aren't good with food that's a little bit spicier. (It's not actually that spicy at all, but you know...)

Today, I made dinner using the Looneytoons cookbook yet again. My mom really wanted to try the "Thai One On" recipe (page 63), so I made that. The recipe is described as "Exotic sweet potato and coconut soup with shrimp". It's very Asian inspired with the spices and peanut butter in it, but it's also very curry-like in flavour. Again, it's packed with veggies, and I loved how the sweet potatoes added a soft touch.

What have you eaten this week? I'd love to hear!


  1. it looks like you've had a delicious start to your summer break. The vegetable stew looks amazing. :]

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    1. It was all delicious! Thanks for the comment!

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    1. Thanks for the comment Gabrielle, it was all delicious! x

  4. Mmmm, come cook for me! ;)
    Haha, I'm usually so lazy when it comes to making food, but I'm trying to do better, so these types of posts are inspiring!

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    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  5. Ooo the sweet potato fries look lovely! I definitely need to give that a go!