Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Cute DIY Layered Card | Papercraft

cute, layered DIY card

Today I'm just writing a quick blog post to share how to make this cute, layered card for any occasion. It's a quick DIY and it's perfect for papercrafters of any level! It was actually my little sister's birthday really recently (blog post about her day here) and I made her a birthday card. I loved it so much that I made a variation so that I could have another card, and also make a quick how-to post. So here it is!

what you need to make this card

What I used:

red watercolour brush strokes on shipping tag

The first thing that I did was fold my piece of white paper in half to make a card base. Then, I cut some of the patterned plastic sheet to size and laid it on top (no adhesive just yet). Next, I used some pinky-red watercolours to make an abstract background for my sticker on a shipping tag. I tried not to make this too perfect or structured. Once the paint was completely dry, I stuck my sticker on top. I love how the watercolour shows through because the sticker is clear! The paint also helps the white writing to stand out.

cute, layered DIY card

Next, I used my roll on adhesive dots to attach the tag to the bottom-right corner of the plastic sheet. I also ripped a piece of some cute washi tape, and stuck that to the bottom of the tag to add a new design to the mix, and to make it look like the tag was attached with only the tape. Finally, I took an adorable piglet paperclip and slid it onto the tag most of the way. This balanced the whole design out, and added a unique, 3D touch!

cute, layered DIY card

Now that the decorative elements were all secured to the corner of the plastic, I used my roll-on adhesive dots to attach the plastic sheet to the card base. I just rolled it on in a straight line really close to the top of the sheet, and pressed it down firmly. Because the sheet is clear, the dots actually showed through, but they weren't too obvious. However, I decided to attach a piece of twine on top of it to draw the eye away from the adhesive a bit. To balance the whole card out, I also added a little bit more washi tape to the top left corner. 

cute, layered DIY card

This card is very cute and easy to throw together, and I can see myself making one for any occasion. I absolutely love how it's so customizable: the size of the card, the colours used, the pattern of the plastic sheet, the washi tape and the paper clip can all be personalized to fit whatever occasion or theme that you want! If you have any questions, please ask them below in the comments :)

Do you like to hand make your cards?

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