Monday, August 17, 2015

Recent Stationery Buys

Recent Stationery Buys | Akinokiki
Hello everyone! Today I just wanted to share some of my recent stationery purchases in a very quick post. As you probably know, I'm very obsessed with paper crafting and all things cute (ahem, my planner)... so I love a good stationery haul!

Piglet paperclips | Akinokiki
I bought these cute little piglet paperclips at a card shop a couple of months ago on sale for about $2. Totally worth it if you ask me—they're functional while being adorable accessories!

American crafts paper pad | Akinokiki
This adorable patterned cardstock pad is by American Crafts, and I found it at Marshall's for only $4. (These cute pads are usually about 8 dollars where I live). The pack is spring themed with tons of amazing patterns inside, and I absolutely love it!

Cute cupcake stickers | Akinokiki
Now for stickers: These adorable, 3D cupcake stickers are perfect for any celbration, but I can't remember which brand it is that made them! Let me know if you know what brand this might be, as I love them! They also make similar heart and party hat shapes with the same felt-material and sequins.

Bright Alphabet Stickers | Akinokiki

I found these bright alphabet stickers at a local dollar store for $2, and I thought that they would be perfect for my planner or any cards that I make. They're actually great quality, and I've already used a few!

Cute baking stickers | Akinokiki

This cute baking sticker set is yet another $2 sheet from the dollar store, and I thought that it would be perfect for using in my planner or my recipes, because I love to bake often. I'm not quite sure what to use the baker-girl in the middle for, though!

MAMBI Birthday Sticker Book | Akinokiki

The sticker purchase that I'm probably most excited about is this mambi sticks sticker book for birthdays. It comes with many pages of amazing quality clear stickers, and they're all birthday themed. There are tons of cute sayings, drawings and banners to choose from, so this set is very versatile for any other celebrations as well! I actually used some of the stickers from this book in a previous post when I made a cute card. (link here)

Have you bought any cute stationery lately? 


  1. I love your purchases I wish I could get my hands on cute little buys like this. With college starting soon my plan is to also feature a stationery post on my blog and you've inspired me to find paper clips hopefully as cute as those!

  2. Those are such cute paper clips!

    1. I agree, they're adorable! Thank you for the comment, Diana :)