Saturday, December 05, 2015

Vlogmas Series Worth Watching This Month

Vlogmas series worth watching | Akinokiki

With the Holiday season upon us, festive series like "vlogmas" are becoming more and more popular in the internet world. Personally, I'm still really busy with school and extracurriculars for a couple more weeks, so I definitely don't watch these all every day, but it's really fun to have some festive videos to watch in my down time! I've compiled a list of my go-to series this month.

I actually found these New Zealand blogging sisters through their vlogmas series last year, and fell in love with their channel and blog right away. If you want to watch shorter, artsier videos (the editing is really good) that show all the blogger and sibling goals, Ellen and Tara's series is for you. I always manage to get inspired for holidays DIYs and beauty products with the advent calendars that they make for each other, and their beauty ideas. Their vlogs always show a beautiful summery setting at this time of the year which is really uplifting, and I also love that because the videos are shorter and a little more on the artsy side, I can always make time in a busy day to enjoy their series. 

I feel like anybody who watches Youtube will have come across Zoella's Christmas videos at one point or another—she has kind of become the internet's Christmas Queen! If you want to cozy up with some tea and watch long, super-festive vlogs, then her Vlogmas series is the one fore you... between her baking, decorating, makeup and gift giving, she manages to make the most Christmassy videos that always get me super excited for the Holidays!

If you aren't too interested in watching blogs of people's lives, but DIY's are more your thing, Ingrid's DIYDecember is the one to watch! She is posting festive DIY videos every couple of days this month, and my crafting side is loving it! Everything she's made so far has been well thought out and calming to watch... I really enjoy her editing and voice-overs! 

Have you been keeping up with any Holiday youtube series this month? Let me know about your suggestions! :)


  1. love zoe! sunbeamsjess and tanya are my faves :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I haven't watched sunbeams Jess or Tanya yet, I'll have to check them out! Thanks for reading the post :)

  2. Your blog is so pretty :) I'm totally agree with you about Zoe's vlogmas! They are so festive <3 I love them. If you want some others vlogmas I watch: the SacconeJolys, Inthefrow, Tanya, Anna Saccone, Meg Says and soo on :) eheh I LOVE Christmas!

  3. I've been loving Louise's (Sprinkleofglitter) and Lilly Pebbles' vlogs! As well as Zoe's of course! My watch later playlist is getting a tad out of control!

    Beth. x

    Sometimes The Stars