Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Look Through my IKEA Alex Drawers

A Look into my ALEX Drawers | Akinokiki
 I recently reorganized my IKEA Alex drawers, which I absolutely love, and I thought I'd share what I keep in the 5 drawers and how they're organized. Get ready to witness a serious stationery addiction... Enjoy :)

A Look into my ALEX Drawers | Akinokiki
In the top drawer, I keep all of the decorative stationery that I reach for the most when card making or planning in my Happy Planner. I keep a box of wooden and clear stamps as well as inks, glue, whiteout, scotch tape, and piglet paperclips behind row of my favourite washi tapes. Behind that are some cute sticky notes, scissors, and lots of stickers! I have single sheets of stickers (top right), sticker books (top left), and stickers from shops on Etsy. At the very back, I keep some out-of season washi tapes and stamps (think Halloween and Christmas), which I plan to bring out when they're in season.

A Look into my ALEX Drawers | Akinokiki
These are the sticker books and Etsy stickers that I mentioned are kept in the top drawer. The books are from MAMBI (the Happy planner quote stickers as well as a birthday book) and Darice ($1.50 decorative stickers that are meant for little kids... although a lot of the books are really cute and work well for all sorts of things!) I have animal, picnic, Halloween and Christmas stickers from Darice. The envelope on the top is from an order that I got from Oh Hello Stationery Co. earlier this year, and it now holds all of my planner stickers from various Etsy shops.

A Look into my ALEX Drawers | Akinokiki
The second drawer houses more practical stationery as well as some more decorative bits. I keep my well-loved Fiskars paper cutter at the front of this drawer alongside two rulers, some notepaper, chalkboard markers, a hole punch, highlighters, erasers, a pencil sharpener and some more practical sticky notes and stickers. At the back I just keep a large, blue ink pad under some classic post-it notes, some small disks that I can use to hold part of my Happy Planner, and my pencil case, which I use during the school year.

A Look Into my ALEX Drawers | Akinokiki

The third drawer holds a bunch of less-used beauty and hair items. Two little pails in the front of the drawer keep lip balms and hair clips respectively (The pink easter egg in the pink bucket holds tiny pins), and a desk organizer holds a lot of combs as well as some scrunchies. I also keep my Body Shop body butters and haircare balms in here, and some travel sized cosmetics. Near the back is a box that keeps all of my nail polish, polish remover, sheet face masks, and a LUSH bath bomb, which I'm saving for fall. In the back left is a stack of handkerchiefs and small towels.

The fourth drawer is a lot less full. I keep my letter writing stationery in here, as well as a stack of cards and letters that I have received from friends and family through the years. I also keep my sewing box in here (the green in the back right), some photo corners in an old tea tin, and a recipe box.

A Look into my ALEX Drawers | Akinokiki

The last drawer is where I keep all of my out of season room decor. It holds trays, a banner, autumn candles, fake flowers, a vase, christmas ornaments, and some other decor pieces (that's a santa in the top right, hahaha!)

What kinds of things do you keep by your desk?


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  2. Amazing post, great pictures too, I love your blog, thank you for sharing!!!