Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Clothing Haul 2016

Summer Clothing Haul 2016 | Akinokiki
I have recently bought quite a few pieces of clothing this summer, and I thought I'd share a haul of the selection! Enjoy :)

TNA Overalls | Akinokiki
I have wanted a pair of overalls for a really long time, and I was so happy to find these ones at TNA in Toronto! They are perfect for summer, and they're super soft and comfortable, which makes them that much better! I already know I'll be living in these this month, and I'm pretty sure they'll be in a couple more posts this season :)

Hollister Blue Floral Romper| Akinokiki
If you can't tell from this post and/or my blog in general, I'm really loving rompers for summer. They're so easy to put on on a hot morning but are much easier to move around in than dresses, which is great especially for me, as someone who likes to be weird and prance and hop around everywhere! I love the lace detailing on this romper, and the halter style makes it perfect for wearing over a bikini at the poolside.

Urban Planet Red Summer Dress | Akinokiki
I am absolutely in love with this sun dress from Urban Planet. Pictured at the top of this post, this dress is my favourite of the season this year! I would say more, but I'm almost certain that this will be in another post soon, so I'll save the rest for later.

Garage Orange Embroidered Romper | Akinokiki
I love the embroidered detail on this romper from Garage, and although it doesn't fit me perfectly with the cinched waist (it comes more around my hips than the waist), it's very comfortable and perfect for summer! It's not on their website anymore, but this romper has a similar embroidered detail :)

Hollister Lace rimmed Sweater | Akinokiki
I have a thin sweater with lace along the bottom which I got last spring (in this post), and I absolutely adore it, so I was super excited to find this thicker but similar sweater in green at Hollister! It's so soft, which I love in a sweater, and I'm excited to wear it come autumn.

H&M Navy Blue Twill Shorts | Akinokiki

I have some light pink twill shorts from H&M which I love the style of, and so I was ready to buy another pair in this navy blue colour. These are just a classic pair of shorts, and I love how the gold button goes with the colour and texture of the fabric!

Have you done any shopping recently?


  1. Loving the prints and florals for summer! Would love to see them on you as well!


    1. Thanks for reading, Athena! I'm really loving florals too, and I may or may not have a post dedicated to them coming up soon ;)

  2. the red dress is just so adorable. perfect for the hotter days.

    1. Thanks Elena! I totally agree, I love that dress so much :)

  3. I love the romper, it's a stunning colour! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  4. All of these clothes are so cute! Love those overalls! I have been looking for a pair for months, but every pair I have found has been styled in a new way - small rectangle front with nothing on the sides. So glad you shared those!

    xo, mikéla /

    1. I'm glad I could help... hope you find a nice pair of overalls!