Tuesday, August 16, 2016

25 Journaling/Listing Prompts

25 Journaling/Listing Prompts | Akinokiki

Confession: I'm a notebook hoarder. I have SO many notebooks and I never seem to fill even half of any single book. I've taken up bullet journaling and journaling in bursts, but I'm really giving it a go right now because it's a great creative outlet, and i love having journals to be able to read for memories years later. Here are 25 journaling and listing prompts!
  1. A Playlist of music you're loving
  2. A Bucketlist
  3. Short-term Goals (for example, goals for the week, month or season)
  4. Track some habits or experiences you want to try (for example, try sleeping before 10pm every night for a week and track your progress)
  5. A list of things and events that you're looking forward to
  6. Memories from the past month or season
  7. A run down of a fun day that happened recently
  8. Sketch the layout of your room and where the furniture is so that you can look back on it years from now for memories
  9. Books you want to read
  10. A wishlist
  11. Recipes you want to try
  12. Your current favourite blogs/Youtube channels
  13. Inspirational quotes/song lyrics/quotes from your favourite books
  14. Print out some recent photos from your phone and write little blurbs explaining what happened in each one for memory keeping
  15. Write out a favourite recipe
  16. Doodle
  17. List your hobbies
  18. Rant about something that's annoying you
  19. A list of why you love someone, something, or a pet
  20. List your favourite restaurants or shops and rate them out of five stars
  21. Review some movies or TV shows that you saw recently
  22. Advice to your younger self
  23. List your current favourite clothing items (you can see how your style has changed in the future!)
  24. Little things that make you happy
  25. A dream diary
That's it for today! Have you given journaling or list-making a try? If not, I'd say go for it!


  1. I love notebooks I just never write in them or I write one page and it is never used again, I wish I was more like you!

    Meme xx

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  2. I'm actually exactly like that, too! I'm trying to use up my notebooks and journal more, and I thought these prompts might help others like us to do the same :)x