Saturday, September 03, 2016

Banff/Lake Louise: A Photo Diary

Banff/Lanke Louise: A Photo Diary | Akinokiki
A couple of weeks ago, my family flew out to the west coast of Canada, including the Banff and Lake Louise area in the Rockies, Alberta. It's such a surreally beautiful area, so I took a huge load of photos while we were there. I'm so excited to finally be able to share them... it took a while to get them ready, because my computer started deleting them off of my computer and I almost lost all of them! Luckily, all of the photos were backed up to Dropbox, so I have them all back again :) 
I'm so glad that I can finally share these photos because it's one of those areas where just being there made me feel so alive and happy, and the sights really made me remember and appreciate how amazing our Planet is (and why we need to do everything we can to help save it!) Hope you enjoy this photo diary :)

Banff Sights | Akinokiki
As this area is in the Rockies, there are gorgeous mountains everywhere you look!

Banff Sights | Akinokiki

Trans-Canada Highway Sights | Akinokiki

Castle Mountain, Banff | Akinokiki
Banff Sights | Akinokiki
Banff Sights | Akinokiki
Little Chipmunk | Akinokiki
There are so many amazing animals that live wild in this area, and although we didn't get to see that many, there were tons of adorable chipmunks and ground squirrels to see :)

Little Ground Squirrel | Akinokiki

Takakkaw Falls | Akinokiki
There are also lots of marvellous waterfalls, lakes, and rivers to see :)

Banff Sights | Akinokiki

Emerald Lake | Akinokiki
Canoeing on Lake Louise | AkinokikiBanff Sights | Akinokiki
Black Bear, Bow Valley Parkway | Akinokiki

We went down the Bow Valley Parkway, a road through an area that's full of wild animals like bears, elf, deer, wolves and more. We had three bear sightings: one with bear cubs, one with a grizzly bear and one with a black bear (above). None of my photos turned out well, but the experience was incredible!

Banff Moon | Akinokiki

When it wasn't super cloudy (as it was most of the time that we were there), the stars and moon were amazing, because there isn't as much light pollution there; or so I'm assuming.

Banff Sunset | Akinokiki

The sunsets were gorgeous too, even with the cloudy sky!

Yellow Butterfly | Akinokiki

The flowers in the mountains were really pretty, and I ended up taking a bunch of photos of those, too!

Pretty Mountain Flowers | Akinokiki
Phew, that was a ton of photos but you made it through! I Definitely (with a capital "D") recommend visiting the Rockies or any other nature area that's similar, because it's just something that you need to experience... the fresh air, the nature, the animals, and the breathtaking views all created an incredible experience that I would repeat over and over again if I could. 
Have you ever visited the Rockies or some other beautiful location?


  1. Those are some really lovely photos! Such a serene place! <3

    Angel // My August 2016 Favorites

    1. Thank you! "Serene" is a perfect word to describe it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tiffany! The trip was incredible :)

  3. Woww!! Soo beautiful photos <3 have a lovely week xx

  4. What beautiful landscapes and photos! I need to go one day!

    1. Thank you! I definitely recommend it :)